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Kleen Aid Septic Digester
 is a septic tank cleaner which reduces the costly digging up of drain fields or
pumping out of your septic tank.
Pumping can cost $300
Drain field repair/replacement can cost $5000

Septic tank and septic system maintenance

The old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is sure true when it comes to SEPTIC DIGESTER.
 Never again will you have to worry about your septic tank overflowing.
SEPTIC DIGESTER automatically converts wastes to liquid, and it stops odors from starting!
 What if you have a "new" septic tank? They need it too - to prevent something from going wrong in the future.
 Just be sure to pour one bag of SEPTIC DIGESTER down the commode per 1000 gallons of  tank capacity per month.
 It's not only safe for people and pets,
IT IS 100% SAFE FOR PIPES TOO - all kinds of pipes, including plastic, fibre or metal.

Septic Tanks do have a way of giving folks problems - and just when you need the money for something else.
The sensible thing to do is avoid costly plumbing jobs to begin with.
Now it's easy by flushing low-cost SEPTIC DIGESTER down your commode once a month.

SEPTIC DIGESTER is guaranteed to decompose fats, grease, paper, cottons, sludge and other organic matter that causes back-up and odor
or your money back!


You see, any septic tank must be kept clear. Ordinarily this requires a routine pumping out job every so often. But Septic Digester does the job instead. It dissolves, digests and liquefies all organic waste matter. And this includes paper, fibers, cotton, sludge, greases and fats. Everything! And all you have to do is remember to pour some in your commode each month.

Kleen Aid Septic Digester is safe. It can be handled with bare hands. You don't have to worry about accidental spills. When you introduce Septic Digester into your septic system, these four natural ingredients go to work:
LIPASE- an enzyme, breaks down the grease and fat that floats on top and clogs the outlets to your drain field
PROTEASE- another enzyme, breaks down the organic wastes that's suspended throughout your system.
AMALYSE- a third enzyme, breaks down the starches that settle at the bottom of your system as sludge.
MICROORGANISMS- millions...just like the ones that reside in your own digestive system...digest these broken down wastes, and convert them into harmless water and odorless gas
Just pour and flush!

Why Other Treatments Don't Work

Have you tried unclogging your system with caustics or acids? They work at first. But not for long. And since they kill the bacteria needed to convert waste, they do more harm than good.

Have you tried yeast or bacteria only products? They're not enough. Your septic system needs enzymes to break down the waste so the bacteria can work on it efficiently.

You need the same ingredients commercial sewage treatment plants use - natural enzymes and natural bacteria too!!

Bacteria begins to degrade after one year. That is why we only offer a one year package.
How do the other sites offer a three or five year supply? It makes one wonder!

This cleaner keeps your septic tank and drainfield in A1 shape


Costs only pennies,
Saves BIG money

Stops odors once and for all!

Let's face it - is there anything more embarrassing than a foul odor especially when when company comes? Not to mention the daily discomfort for your family. There is simply no reason you have to worry about this problem this problem ever again.

Not with Septic Digester so readily available - and so easy to use. Invite company anytime you want and stop worrying. Put Septic Digester to work for you and relax.


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